Why Bears?

I am about to make a powerful claim: Bears are God’s favorite animal.  He has placed them at the peak of the animal kingdom where they reign as the kings of the irrational creatures.  While you may call me biased, I may call you a heretic! (Just kidding… maybe)  I have chosen the bear as the mascot for Unbearably Catholic because bears serve as an example for Catholic life through their humility, diversity, and liturgical lifestyle.

First, Humility: God created bears to be 500-1500 lbs of fur, claws, and destructive prowess.  Bears have the potential to be the bulldozers of the animal kingdom.  What do they do with this ability for destruction?  They become a symbol of cuddliness by eating berries and bamboo, sleeping, and taking cute pictures!  No other animal can simultaneously instill incredible amounts of fear and still be called Teddy.  Their humility is a real response to “whoever humbles himself will be exalted.”

Second, Diversity: Bears come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors.  Brown, black, red, polar, panda, and spectacled spread through almost all continents.  Bears really show the catholicity, or universality, of the Catholic Church.  It is for everyone!

Finally, Liturgical Lifestyle: Nothing screams Lent more than 6-7 months of hibernation!  I’d like to see you go through a 6 month Lent without food or drink.  After Lent, comes the Easter feast.  Celebrating life every Spring with all kinds of food.  The only meat they eat… fish!  Enough said.